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January 23, 2022

Moldovan FM Leanca: Corruption knows no boundaries

The Chisinau Foreign Minister, Iurie Leanca, claims, in an interview published, yesterday by “Adevarul”, that the Moldovan Government initiated a war against corruption, which “affects state security”, because it penetrated several of its institutions and, “(…) worse still, it penetrated our frame of mind”.

“This, indeed, is the reason why so many Moldovan citizens no longer see a future for them here. The battle against this phenomenon is an imperative in order to ensure state stability and efficiency in Moldova,” the head of diplomacy on the other side of the Prut stated. Nevertheless, he assured foreign investors that his country offered several advantages. These include access to CIS’s Free Trade Area, lower taxes than in the EU and cheaper labour.

When asked whether anti-corruption operations similar to the ones carried out in Romanian customs would take place in Moldova, Leanca argued that the problem of corruption has to be solved “systematically, striking at the root.”

“On Tuesday (e.n. March 15), R. of Moldova prime-minister Vlad Filat met the EU ambassadors to Chisinau and the US ambassador and addressed precisely the need for reform in the police and judiciary, because, without this reform, we won’t be able to fight corruption.” The Chisinau official invoked, as an example, two diplomats in the ministry under his command, who, caught in the act in Albita, while smuggling cigarettes, got off without paying for their actions. “Nevertheless, we need the European expertise in reforming institutions. (…) We want to adopt everything that works in the EU. If, in Georgia, they have managed to reform the police, boosting the people’s trust in this institution, (…) we can operate such a qualitative change in Moldova as well,” the Moldovan minister argued. He stated he had discussed, with his Romanian counterpart, Teodor Baconschi, joint actions of Ro­ma­nian and Moldovan customs services, including the border police.

As regards Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, Leanca argues this phenomenon will not make the Moldovan border less transparent. On the other hand, the head of the Moldovan diplomacy is persuaded that the visit undertaken by the US vice-president, Joe Biden, to Chisinau will help solve the conflict in Trandniester region.

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