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April 16, 2021

Study: Over 60 pc of Romanians do not go to the dentist’s

The results of the latest Eurobarometer regarding oral health show 66 pc of our fellow-Romanians do not go to the dentist’s, not even for the annual check. According to this survey, we rank last in Europe in terms of oral health, “Gandul” reports.

The Romanians account for their reluctance to go to the dentist’s by pointing to the fairly prohibitive prices of checks and treatments. At the same time, 33 pc of Romanians do not take dental problems seriously, and 16 pc think they do not need dental treatment, as they wear dentures.

Unlike the Romanians, the study shows, 83 pc of the Dutch go to the dentist’s at least once a year, followed by the Danes – 78 pc, Luxembourgers – 77 pc and the Germans – 77 pc. 52 pc of the French go to the dentist’s on a regular basis, the poll shows. According to the survey, half of the Europeans stated they went to the dentist’s for a routine check or for a plaque removal operation. One third of them went for simple treatment and nearly one in five Europeans went there for emergency treatment.

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