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December 3, 2022

Swiss tax authorities on Blejnar’s list:

It’s probably declared money

Switzerland tax body officials contacted by HotNews.ro said it was unlikely that the lists of names sent to Romanian tax authorities about citizens who have Swiss bank accounts contain any people who did not declare their incomes.

The website contacted Swiss authorities asking them to comment on National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) chief Sorin Blejnar’s recent statements that 12 of the people who have bank accounts in Switzerland will be checked to see if they can confirm the sources of incomes and whether they paid taxes for the amounts. Blejnar said ANAF received information from Swiss authorities about Romanian citizens who have bank accounts in the country.

He added that he “made a selection” of 12 people who have a total of “EUR 50-60 M” in their accounts. “The persons on the list probably opted for volunteer declaration of incomes. These procedures mean that the citizens authorize the bank to communicate to the authorities of the state of residence that they opt for paying taxes in their country. Therefore, we don’t think this is undeclared money,” a Swiss tax official told the website. The official added that Romania so far received 11 such reports from Switzerland in 2007, 23 in 2008 and 30 in 2009.

Under an EU interest directive signed with Switzerland, European Union states, including Romania, receive a fee from bank deposits whose source is not known. This tax is automatically stopped with Swiss banks and transferred to the relevant EU member states. The procedure protects banking secrets because it does not reveal the name of the account owner, HotNews explained. In case Blejnar starts an investigation into suspicions of tax evasion, he should ask the Swiss tax authority for information. But the information is provided only in case an official investigation is began and if ANAF would have data about the accounts it want to check (or the account number), as well as the bank’s name and address.

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