Bonuses and incentives worth over RON 460 M to ministerial employees

The Finance Ministry got the bulk of the money.

Last year, ministerial employees received salary bonuses and incentives up to over RON 460 M (some EUR 100 M) for “harmful working conditions”, night activities or “exposure” to high frequency electromagnetic fields, Mediafax reports.

Finance Ministry employees got the bulk of money benefits, a hefty RON 30 M in all, along with bonuses for auditing, preventive financial controls, hard working conditions and public manager positions equal to an overall gross amount of RON 634.094, according to an official document.

The total net amount allocated last year for the Finance Ministry, central office and subordinated units, came to RON 443.6 M. About 27,101 Finance Ministry employees benefited from average cash incentives of RON 1,367 per employee.

Health Ministry employees too received bonuses for “harmful working conditions” worth an overall RON 346,750, while incentive payments totalled RON 2.59 M.

Labour Ministry staff too got net cash stimulants of RON 2.67 M and net bonuses for harming working conditions of RON 163,467 during Jan. 1 – Nov. 30, 2010.

The staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs enjoyed a broad range of bonuses, RON 6.57 M in all. The employees received “state cipher “ allowances, RON 2.3 M, benefits for harmful or dangerous working conditions, RON 3.5 M, and transitory compensatory payments, RON 509,835, while the temporarily MAE-attached magistrates cashed toxicity bonuses of RON 22,228 overall, bonuses for special working conditions, RON 59,022, a nominal amount for risk and “neuropsychic stress”, confidentiality bonuses, RON 53,329, and others, RON 31,412.

Justice Ministry employees were not left empty-handed either, as they received bonuses amounting to RON 257,630.

During Jan. – Sept. of 2010, the 630 employees at the Ministry of Environment and Forests received incentives matching RON 742,848, with a monthly average of RON 131 per employee. The largest bonus handed to a single employee was of RON 1,500, adding to a monthly salary of RON 4,168.
Employees with other ministries too got their share of incentives. Official sources were quoted as saying that PM Emil Boc told ministers during a government session last spring that employee bonuses were too high and called on them to scrap such “indecent” bonuses, warning that those failing to comply “will be removed from the team”.


Last year, Government spent in excess of RON 400,00 on the lodgings in Bucharest of advisers to PM Boc and the staff with the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), an amount comparable with that recorded in 2008, when such spending was divided to a number of advisers twice lower than their 2010 counterpart.

A number of 53 state secretaries are found on the list of SGG employees that benefited from staff housing, state undersecretaries, advisers and secretaries to the PM, cabinet directors and government inspectors. Staff housing expenditures amounted to a total of RON 403,828 in 2010, according to a government document.

Two years ago, overall, such spending added up to RON 423,919 for 42 persons, save for the deputy PM.
In 2008, housing accommodations to advisers to Premier Tariceanu and SGG employees matched RON 178,530, for 20 people overall.

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