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October 5, 2022

Pyjama theatre marathon in Sibiu

Horatiu Malaele will open the 25 hour-theatre marathon to take place in Sibiu, this weekend, marking the International Theatre Day, under the heading “Breathe. Theatre”.

The organizers of the Sibiu theatre marathon announced that the only outdoor event in the programme would be a “morning exercise workshop”, to take place in Sibiu’s Great Square, in which participants are going to be wearing their pyjamas and bring along toothbrushes and toothpaste, Mediafax reports. Bogdan Sarateanu, stated, on Friday, in a press conference, that those able to make it through a one night-theatre marathon would be invited, on March 27, at 10 am, to a “morning exercise workshop”.

Over 50 actors will take part in the theatre marathon, during which various theatrical productions will be presented, for 25 hours. “All the plays will be performed by professional actors. They are young actors, not household names, except for Horatiu Malaele, who will open the event, with a recital using many of Nichita Stanescu’s texts. The rest are young actors, who are barely beginning to make a name, and we thank them for wanting to take part in this project. The marathon is the first of its kind organized in Romania. The students have come together before and organized various kinds of poetry and drama marathons, but an officially-organized event, with full-time actors, marks a first in Romania,” Saratean argued.

According to the latter, the only students’ production in the festival is “Girls’ Prison”, put up by the third-year Acting students of the University of Sibiu’s Theatre Chair. According to the organizers, the programme is conceived in such a way as to allow the participants to get from one hall to another.
“We still don’t know how the public will react. We don’t know exactly who may want to watch a play at 2 o’clock at night or 5 o’clock in the morning. It will certainly be a younger audience, but we will be looking, in the future, for ways to draw a grown-up audience as well,” Saratean argued.

Horatiu Malaele will open, with a recital, the 25 hour-theatre marathon to take place in Sibiu between March 26 and 27, on the International Theatre Day.

The event is organized by the “BIS” Cultural Association, in partnership with the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, the Humanitas Bookshop and Atrium Classic Café.

Performances will continue, in a row, until the evening of March 27 – the World Theatre Day -, at the “Radu Stanca” Theatre’s Studio Hall, the Faculty of Letters and Arts’ CAVAS Hall, the Atrium Classic Café and the Music Pub. The programme will include performances which collected awards in theatre festivals.

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