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November 26, 2022

Countdown starts in PDL

The party is establishing these days the number of delegates who will represent each organisation for the May Congress. Boc and Blaga each try to attract more electors in the country.

Emil Boc and Vasile Blaga’s teams are highly agitated even if there are still two months to go until the PDL Congress scheduled for May 14, when a new leadership is set for election.

‘Gandul’ daily says the big battle currently goes for attracting a bigger number of electors in the country. After testing their respective influences on branch leaders by gathering support signatures, the two candidates re-made their calculations when the number of delegates to the May Congress was set.
It seems like, at a first glance, at least, incumbent PDL President Emil Boc has a comparative advantage, backed by both a majority of the people who automatically have a right to vote (MPs, branch leaders and members of the Standing Bureau) and of many electors appointed by the county organisations. In the context, the ‘Gandul’ journalists say that, once the number of delegates allocated to the organisation had been set, Boc’s supporters made simulations down to the level of the individual persons who will participate in the National Convention. The conclusion is that Boc has a major chance to win election against Blaga.

‘At this point Boc is on 60 per cent, but he will have 66 per cent until next week,’ says one of the Democrat-Liberal leaders close to the prime-minister, quoted by the daily.


The optimism of Emil Boc’s group seems to be grounded, since, immediately after Traian Boc had announced his support for Boc’s receiving a new term as president of PDL, a few important Blaga’s supporters – Ioan Oltean (Bistrita-Nasaud), Mihai Stanisoara (Mehedinti) and Gheorghe Flutur (Suceava) moved on the side of the PM.

In fact, the latter apparently tipped the scales in Boc’s favour, by bringing along one of the organisations with the largest number of delegates (47), as well as his influence in Northern Moldavia. In Arad, the establishment of the number of delegates is just the beginning of the battle, as opinions are divided between Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca who lobbies for Boc and county branch president Gheorghe Seculici, who supports Blaga. By far the most important county for PDL is Cluj, with a total of 49 delegates expected to the Congress, all expected to vote for Emil Boc. The same situation can be found in Prahova, a county which is supposed to bring Boc 40 votes, thanks to Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase, ‘Gandul’ also reads.

Boc’s supporters are seeking the endorsement of the Preda-Macovei-Voinescu triad. Although initially it tried to introduce a separate motion for the election of the party president, the reformists’ group is being intensively courted by the PM’s faction these days.

After the invitation made to the three by Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, PDL Vice-President Raluca Turcan is now asking them to join Boc. ‘Even if there have been divergent pinions over the time, the joining by the Macovei-Preda-Voinescu group of PM Boc’s programme would bring a double political gain. On the one hand, it would lead to a project of realistic and long-standing modernisation for PDL and, on the other hand it would bring a plus of strength as well as a signal of unity over a motion with a reformist meaning involving the entire party apparatus – organisation presidents, mayors and local councillors,’ Turcan said, according to ‘Gandul’.


In spite of the large number of Emil Boc’s supporters, it cannot be said that Vasile Blaga has lost the battle yet. With his 46 support signatures gathered from PDL senators, the current secretary general of PDL counts on loyal supporters: Vice-President Cezar Preda, expected to bring 26 votes from Buzau, Vice-President Sorin Frunzaverde expected to mobilise 29 delegates and Ostaficiuc, the had of Timis organisation bringing 44 delegates. Although Moldavia seems to have been moved on Boc’s side in its majority, Blaga has received a support signal from Iasi already, from Senator Mihaela Popa. Former Transport Minister Radu Berceanu (Dolj) apparently is also willing to go with Blaga.

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