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December 4, 2022

Rokolectiv kicks off in Bucharest on April 14

The sixth edition of the Rokolectiv electronic music and related arts festival will take place between April 14 and 17, at the National Contemporary Art Museum, and will include concerts, performances, installations and film screenings.

Zombie Zombie come back to Bucharest in a new show, inspired by John Carpenter, as does Jimmy Edgar, with his latest album, XXX. The members of the Austrian trio Elektro Guzzi are called upon to do what they know best: instrumental techno in the classical rock formula, with bass, guitar and drums. Isolée comes back in the spotlight as he has just launched a new album at DJ Koze’s label, Pampa, while the Canadian artist The Mole and Jozif from the prolific label Wolf & Lamb will be providing the hot dance beats. The performance series on the third day of the festival includes the horror cult set of the Manchester duo Demdike Stare, as well as the amorphous noise experiments of the much-praised New York artist Daniel Lopatin, a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never. The festival will kick off with the theatrical performance of Max Tundra. Worshipped by a handful of devout, yet somewhat too eccentric for mass consumption, the shows that Ben Jacobs produces under the stage name Max Tundra are dense, hyperactive and compulsively revolving around tunes.

Further details to be posted soon on www.rokolectiv.ro.

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