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December 7, 2021

PDL camps prepare for final battle

While Vasile Blaga’s supporters tried to postpone the elections for party president, Boc’s camp retaliate, dismissing one of his men.

The battle between the camps supporting Emil Boc and, respectively, Vasile Blaga for the presidency of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) is raging on all fronts. To buy some time, two of Blaga’s “men”, that is, the deputy presidents Adriean Videanu and Sorin Frunzaverde, proposed, in the National Standing Bureau’s meeting, which took place earlier this week, postponing the elections for the party leader position, scheduled for May 14, “Gandul” reports, in yesterday’s edition, quoting Democrat-Liberal sour­ces. It appears all started from the matter of Bogdan Cantaragiu, removed, last week, from the helm of PDL’s District 1 Organization, on the grounds that his involvement in the Dan Pasat case (e.n. blackmail at the National Anti-Corruption Direc­torate) tarnished the party’s image. There are voices in PDL, however, claiming that Canataragiu was removed, in fact, after he publicly declared his backing of Vasile Blaga’s candidacy for party leadership. The same voices argue that the Development and Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, who is, also, the head of the Bucharest organization, allegedly came to Monday’s meeting determined to obtain Cantaragiu’s expulsion from the party. Udrea supposedly argued it was, in fact, the District 1 organization which “no longer wanted” Cantaragiu as its leader. The response came, however, from the deputy president Cristian Boureanu, considered one of Blaga’s entourage, who pointed out “the organization wanted him, two weeks ago”. In the context of these heated debates, Videanu cast the “net”: “I see we are not ready for fair elections. We risk digging trenches between us,” the first deputy president of PDL is said to have argued. The idea was reiterated by Sorin Frunzaverde, but Boc’s supporters did not jump to the bait, and the proposal didn’t even get to be voted.

According to “Gandul”, Vasile Blaga himself acknowledged an attack had been launched, from the central organization, against his people. “We’ve got to stop this, otherwise we’ll end up facing trouble in other counties as well,” Blaga said. Boureanu was the one who managed, in the end, to reconcile the parties, arguing that “settling of scores” should be postponed until after the May Congress, so there won’t be any involvement from the centre in local conflicts.

As regards Cantaragiu, the latter would remain, for the time being at least, the head of the Sector 1 organization. “I won’t quit. I have nothing to do with the Pasat case. I will try to reach a compromise with the organization. I will take all necessary steps to put an end to this pseudo-conflict and to go one leading the organization, alongside my colleagues,” the deputy stated, quoted by “Gandul”.


The Democrat-Liberals’ Youth Organization decided, “with an overwhelming majority”, to back Emil Boc’s candidacy to PDL’s presidency. “The incumbent president is the person most suitable to continue to tread the difficult, but needed, path to modernization. (…) As a consequence, PDL’s young want Emil Boc to remain the president,” is stated in a release by the organization, quoted by Mediafax.

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