Top defence body convened last night

The country’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) was called in session by President Traian Basescu yesterday evening, in order to assess the situation in Libya in the context of the enforcement of the UN Security Council resolution. The session was still underway when ‘Nine O’Clock’ went to print. President Basescu said recently that he cannot decide “by himself” Romania’s stance in what regards coalition forces’ air raids in Libya, meant to prevent attacks on civilians by Col Muammar Gaddafi’s loyalists. Both he and FM Teodor Baconschi said Romania does not have the technological capacities to join the air strikes and would rather contribute with humanitarian assistance. According to an IRES survey, most Romanians do not agree to the military intervention in Libya and 40 per cent believe the country could be affected by the events there. However, respondents could not mention what the Bucharest’s stance on Libyan events is. Half of the respondents think the military intervention seeks the control over the oil reserves.

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