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January 23, 2022

GPs refuse to sign collective bargaining contracts

As of April, patients will no longer receive free and compensated prescriptions.

Over 80 pc of GPs announced they would not sign the collective bargaining contracts to come into force as of April 1, so that, from that date onwards, patients will no longer benefit from free or compensated prescriptions or recommendations to specialists, the head of the National Federation of Family Physicians Employer Organisations (FNPMF), Doina Mihaila, stated.

“Sadly, it is already tradition, every spring we have to wage a real battle to defend our practices, to protect our patients, to make this increasingly chaotic system more or less functional,” Mihaila stated, quoted by Mediafax.

According to the latter, 81 pc of family physicians have already announced they will not sign the April 1 contracts, so that, as of that date, patients will no longer be given free or compensated prescriptions or recommendations to specialists, Mihaila added.

The physicians called, in fact, for the annulment of a number of acts which refer to electronic equipment, that is, the purchase of two 3G broadband Internet systems, as well as card writing and reading equipment, by the GPs.

“We cannot take upon ourselves the purchasing of such equipment, following which we may be accused we did not get the things needed. Such equipment should be purchased by the National Healthcare Office, which should ensure technical support for the system,” the head of FNPMF stated.

The latter argued that GPs called on the authorities to find a way to extend the present collective bargaining contract by another month, until May 1, and to operate the modifications requested by the representatives of the two bodies in this interval. “At the same time, we oppose the estimative budget, which we deem to be legally immoral. We urge the patients to understand our position and to stand by us, as our efforts are also in their best interests,” Mihaila stated.

A final resolution regarding the future actions GPs will embark on will be announced, on Saturday, at the end of the eighth National Conference of Family Physicians, which started, this Wednesday, in Bucharest.

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