Palestinians and Israel exchange new round of strikes

At least four rockets slammed into Israel Wednesday, injuring one man and prompting retaliatory Israeli airstrikes that wounded two Palestinian militants, one critically, sources said, CNN informs. At least ten Palestinians have been killed since Saturday, including two children, and though both sides say they do not want the violence to escalate, Wednesday’s attacks show it does not seem to be abating. The Israel Defense Forces struck back at a rocket launching site in northern Gaza associated with one of the other attacks Wednesday. Two militants were injured, one critically, Palestinian medical officials and Hamas sources said. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country would “protect our citizens rigorously and determinedly. No country would put up with continuing rocket fire on its cities and civilians, and of course Israel will not put up with that.” A loud explosion has hit a bus in central Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon and Israeli officials say at least 20 people have been injured, some seriously.

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