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May 9, 2021

WikiLeaks: Basescu ‘drinks more and more,’ Udrea a ‘saucy persona’

Several of the diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in Bucharest, obtained by WikiLeaks, spoke of both politicians and journalists. And a very famous journalist, whose identity remains yet unknown, made frequent, unofficial visits to the embassy, where he provided diplomatic staff with his political insight, according to magazine ‘Kamikaze,’ which will start publishing the cables next week. Two other publications, dailies ‘Jurnalul National’ and ‘Adevarul,’ will also begin publication of the cables as of March 30.

Among other things, the aforementioned journalist told US diplomatic staff that President Traian Basescu had a severe drinking problem which had got worse and the president was drinking more and more, according to ‘Kamikaze.’ Another issue found in the cables, information from the same journalist, was that Basescu’s impeachment in 2007 had actually been orchestrated by the Social Democrat Party’s so-called ‘Cluj wing,’ led by Vasile Dancu.

Another cable from the embassy talks about various Romanian politicians, Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea being described as a “saucy persona.” The cable also mentions speculation that Udrea had a personal relationship with Basescu.

Commenting on the announced publication of the cables, President Basescu said in an interview to Realitatea TV that the move does not bear any security risks, but will expose those who “went ratting on others at the US ambassador.”

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