Basarab overpass, lifts and hospitals to be equipped with seismic sensors

The Basarab overpass will be equipped with quake and traffic sensors, most likely at the entry and exit points. Earthquake sensors will warn traffic participants of the risk of an earthquake of the 7 level or higher on the Richter scale, and traffic sensors will announce when the traffic slowed down, also making estimates over the time required to cross the bridge.

The announcement was made by Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu, who inspected the overpass accompanied by Gheorghe Marmureanu, director of the Institute of Earth Physics, occasion on which Oprescu announced the overpass will no longer be inaugurated at the end of this month, as previously scheduled, but only after a first test is performed, at the request of the Madrid-based design company. “The system needs to be protected , since there are many curious people,” Marmureanu said, to which Mayor Oprescu jokingly replied: “Yeah, they want to take them home.”

The Bucharest mayor said that the city has 56 depth sensors, tens of which in the historic downtown, which can provide information in case of seismic movements, adding that schools and hospitals are the first to be equipped with such devices. In his turn, Marmureanu assured that earthquake sensors will also be installed in lift buildings in order to warn of a quake of grade 7 or higher on the Richter scale to warn 40-60 seconds before a major seismic wave. “An earthquake of at least 7 degrees will cause electricity breakdowns and mobile communications bringing to a halt. In hospitals, to give an example, doctors will be alerted tens of seconds before a quake strikes, so they will be able to switch the electrogen group on as an electrical power alternative in cases of power failure,” Realitatea. Net quoted Marmureanu as saying.


A 5 km-deep 3.9 level earthquake on the Richter scale shook Transylvania Friday afternoon. The tremor had an intensity of 4 on the Mercalli scale at its epicentre, the National Institute of Research-Development for Earth Physics (INCDFP), announced. It was recorded at 17.12 hours and was not felt in Bucharest.

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