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June 27, 2022

Boc on VAT: We will win war in the Chamber

PM Emil Boc stated, on Sunday, in Deva, that “a battle was lost” in the Senate, on the bill for the reduction of VAT on food, but argued “the war” would be won in the Chamber of Deputies, Mediafax reports.
“I am persuaded that, as it happened before, the coalition has the necessary majority in the Chamber to adopt those laws which can be backed by the state budget and the taxes collected to the state budget. Thus, the fact that the bill was not granted the necessary importance in the Senate is not something that pleases us, we will analyze this aspect in the coalition as well, but only a battle is lost and we will win the war in the Chamber of Deputies,” Boc stated. The Finance Minister, Gheorghe Ialomitianu, stated, on Friday, that he would try to persuade the deputies to re-examine the bill for a lower VAT on food, as this measure would not reduce prices, but would put at risk expenses in wages, social security and investments, Mediafax informs. President Traian Basescu’s call for the reviewing of the bill regarding the 5 pc reduction of VAT on basic food products was rejected, on Wednesday, by the Senate, which abided, thus, by the initial form of the bill.

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