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May 26, 2022

Liberal leader yet undecided over presidential run

Crin Antonescu again rejects criticism of his party’s alliance with the Social-Democrats.

Although most recent opinion polls credit him with the highest chances to win presidential elections on behalf of the opposition Social Liberal Union (USL), Liberal leader Crin Antonescu said on Friday he is not yet decided whether to run for the position or not. “When the question arises, USL will make a decision, it will have a candidate, and either if it’s me or someone else, that person will win,” Antonescu said, quoted by Mediafax.

The Liberal leader added that results of the opposition alliance will start to become visible at 2012 legislative elections at the latest, “after it takes over government.”

In the context, Antonescu dismissed criticism of his party’s joining the left-wing Social-Democrats in the USL, which some Liberals and various prominent representatives of the right-wing intellectual elite described as an act of “betrayal.” He said that “Liberalism” is understood by the current leaders, from President Traian Basescu to PM Emil Boc as imposing heavy taxes on the population and using the resulting money for personal purposes. “If this is Liberalism, then Mr. Emil Boc is a Liberal (…), and I am not and don’t want to be,” Antonescu said.

His comments came after leading writer and ex Minister Andrei Plesu wrote an article criticising the Liberal leader for “having fallen victim to self disillusionment” and giving the impression that “he’s gone nuts.” Plesu also wrote and Antonescu has had no major achievement to be proud of throughout his political career and has no hesitation to betray his partners and shifts from one conviction to another, depending on which one suits him best.

In response, Antonescu said important intellectuals, such as Plesu, Mircea Cartarescu or Vladimir Tismaneanu do the bidding of the current rule. “I feel embarrassed, I am a modest man, to be noticed by Plesu, Tismaneanu and Cartarescu every three days, they slowly push you on the brink of paranoia, which I do not want but it might happen, if they keep it up,” he said.


PNL will file five simple motions on healthcare issues the following weeks, the head of the party’s healthcare commission, Eugen Nicolaescu said on Friday. The motions will refer to matters such as hospital units’ reorganisation, the situation of general practitioners, non-transparent allocation of funds and the severe problems faced by cardiology departments at the moment.

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