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August 17, 2022

Ponta criticizes Head of State’s foreign policy

PSD leader Victor Ponta criticized on Saturday in Iasi the fact that Romania “alienated” its economic relations with Germany, Italy and France and has “a suicidal relationship” with countries such as China, Russia and India, opining that President Basescu’s foreign policy “in which we simply sit with an extended hand” is not an advantage. The Social-Democrat leader claimed Traian Basescu is applying the “after us the flood” principle and that the current ruling coalition will contract several other loans thinking that “these USL suckers will come along to pay them.” The PSD President also criticized the fact that Romania is taking part in the European financial programme without the President offering any prior information on it. “He didn’t inform anyone and not even he knows why he was there and why he took a commitment in Romania’s name. He will no longer be the President after 2014. He will spend the IMF money, then he will leave office and Antonescu and Ponta will be left to see what to do with the Romanians. From this point of view I’m extremely worried,” the Social-Democrat leader stated.


The PSD President also pointed out that throughout the country PSD and PNL tore up their collaborations with PDL, pointing out that agreements to form the USL have been signed “everywhere,” in Bucharest the document set to be signed next week. “In Bucharest it will be signed when the city’s budget will be discussed. Bucharest is the most difficult place where we have to sign the document, but I’m certain we will solve this final problem one way or the other,” Ponta stated.

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