The first Romanian who reached North Pole has died

Researches and explorer Teodor Gheorghe Negoita, the first Romanian who reached the North Pole, in 1995, died last week at the age of 64, the Romanian Geographical Society and the Terra Magazin publication announced on Friday.

Teodor Negoita, director of the Romanian Institute of Polar Research and president of the Romanian Antarctica Foun­dation, was the first Romanian to set foot at the North Pole, in 1995. He organized and led numerous expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica, represented Romania at the sessions of the Antarctic Treaty and was a very active member of the En­vi­ron­mental Protection to the An­tarctic Treaty, Mediafax re­ports. In 2006, Teodor Gheor­ghe Negoita was instrumental for the setting up of the Law-Ra­covita station, the sole Roma­nian polar station in Antarctica. An active member of the European Polar Consortium and of the European Con­sortium for the project ‘Aurora Borealis Icebreaker’, he significantly contributed to their actions in later years.
During his career, he has published over 30 scientific papers in renowned international science magazines and contributed to popularising the results of his research at numerous meetings, symposiums and communication sessions in Romania and abroad.
Teodor Gheorghe Negoita was decorated by former Romanian president Emil Constantinescu with the National Order the Star of Romania, in rank of Officer and was presented by President Traian Basescu, at the proposal and recommendation of the Romanian Academy, with the National Order the Star of Romania, in rank of Com­modore. Negoita was buried in his native Sascut Sat, Bacau County, on Saturday.

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