Berlusconi in first trial showing since 2003

ROME – Controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi broke the habit of a lifetime on Monday and appeared in court on tax fraud charges – as it emerged he had declared an £35 million salary, Daily Mail reports. Berlusconi, 74, is currently facing four trials – including one for having under age sex with a prostitute and abuse of office – and was his usual buoyant self as he showed up waving to a crowd of about 100 supporters.

In a TV interview before the case started he once again blamed left-leaning prosecutors who he said were out to topple him and labelled the charges ‘ridiculous’ adding that ‘Communists were still an influence.’
He said: ‘The prosecutors have shown that they want to persecute me and they don’t stop even in the face of facts and of ridiculousness.’

Unfortunately communism in Italy never surrendered and never changed,’ he said, adding: ‘I am the most accused man in the universe and in history.’ Berlusconi, who has always denied wrongdoing, is accused with 11 other people, including British company lawyer David Mills, of tax fraud over the sale of TV rights and details of his eye-watering salary emerged as the case in Milan started.

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