Priest vanishes with EUR 500,000

Karaszon Tibor, a Roman-Catholic priest from Floresti, Cluj County, was denounced by his parishioners to the Alba Iulia Archdiocese for allegedly having sold a tract of land belonging to the church and vanished with half a million euros two weeks ago. Parishioners accuse the priest of undervaluing the land, which was sold for EUR 20-25 a square meter , way below the market value of EUR 50 a sqm. “He must have convened the Parish Council in session and explain us how he sold the land. We know he got EUR 500,000 on it, yet we don’t know where the money is. We denounced him to the Alba Iulia Roman-Catholic Diocese and we will sue him in order to bring the transaction to a halt,” said Szekely Istvan, one of the parishioners.

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