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January 23, 2022

Media: PDL MP wants chemical castration for paedophiles

Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) Deputy Alin Popoviciu suggested the adoption of a law under which paedophiles would either be sentenced to life in prison or, if released, be monitored by electronic bracelets. For more severe cases, the MP suggested chemical castration as a solution, according to daily ‘Gandul’ online. “First of all, I ask that a person proven to be a paedophile can be sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum sentence of at least 15-20 years in prison. Then, if they are released, they should be wearing a bracelet by which they can be monitored. They have this kind of electronic monitoring in Germany. If they relapse, they need to be chemically castrated. This only means that they will be given medicine to stifle their sexual urges. Nothing will happen to them, only their sex life will be reduced to silence,” Popoviciu explained for ‘Gandul.’

The MP added that his project is supported by several party colleagues. “I found inspiration in Polish legislation, which is very stern about it. In Romania, just like in Poland, there are many cases of paedophilia, and the Criminal Code provides punishments of two to ten years. I think my initiative will be endorsed by both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate,” the Democrat Liberal added.

His draft law against paedophilia will be tabled in the Chamber of Deputies next week. In order to be enforced, it needs to be passed by both houses, by majority of votes.

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