Worker killed by concrete slab

A work accident took place yesterday in Buftea. A man died after a 5-ton concrete slab collapsed on top of him. The accident took place on a construction site at a kindergarten in Buftea. The slab came off the kindergarten’s foundation and fell over the worker. Doctors promptly arrived on the scene and unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate the man. The 52-year-old worker was married and is survived by 2 children. Three workers were in a pit preparing the groundwork for concrete to be poured for another foundation when the slab collapsed. Fortunately the other workers escaped unharmed. “The firefighters’ commander called and told us he needs a crane. We brought the crane but unfortunately it was too late. This is not a City Hall work site. Unfortunately this construction site is unauthorized. We didn’t even know about it because no permit has been issued. No construction permit has been issued,” the Mayor of Buftea stated for Realitatea TV.

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