Extra costs for new National Arena

The budget for the construction of the National Arena has grown from EUR 119 M to EUR 213 M, an investigation published by ‘Gandul’ daily shows. In contrast, the budget for constructing the Olympic Stadium in London (80,000 seats compared to the National Arena’s 55,000) stood at EUR 552 M. Of that, EUR 540.5 M was actually spent, with EUR 11.5 M being saved.

According to the initial design the stadium’s pitch should have remained unchanged, considering that it had been re-done in 2005. However, as construction works proceeded it was discovered that the phreatic water below the stadium had seeped into the pitch so that it was decided to build a new pitch that was 1.7 meters higher.

The design changed again during the construction, the decision being taken to add another 5,000 seats. Likewise, it was decided for the stadium to be fully covered. Moreover, the number of seats for the press had to be hiked in line with the new UEFA regulations, with supplementary sanitary and commercial spaces being constructed too. Likewise, access to the stadium by car or foot, the roads and the lighting system will have to be systemized. A command and control centre, a CCTV system and a system of loud speakers are also needed. The control, access and ticketing system will also have to be introduced.

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