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April 15, 2021

Government tries to recover Dacian jewels, bracelets and coins from Germany

The Romanian government will allot nearly EUR 300,000 to recover a number of Dacian items – including a multi-spiral gold bracelet, two iron shields and 229 gold and silver coins – illegally taken from Romania and retrieved by German authorities, government sources told Mediafax.

Minister of Culture Kelemen Hunor asked the government to supplement the Ministry’s budget with an approximate RON 1.2 M, in order to recover the Dacian artifacts and return them to the national patrimony.
“The bracelet, shields and coins have been identified and retrieved by German authorities last year, and the government has a year – which ends on April 15 – to express its preemption right in view of recovering the artifacts,” said the sources. Under an expertise report drafted by the Ministry of Culture, the multi-spiral gold bracelet completes the series of 12 Dacian bracelets stolen from the country, recovered by authorities and returned to the country. The cost of the bracelet is estimated at EUR 62,000, plus EUR 4,000 representing expenses with lawyers and notaries.

For the two Dacian shields, the Romanian state will pay USD 45,000, plus some EUR 182,000 for the 229 coins.

The lot contains 27 gold coins of the Lysimachos and pseudo-Lysimachos types, 39 classic silver kosons and 163 ‘droueis’ kosons. These are part of a lot of 2,700 silver coins discovered in December 2003, and another of 3,600 gold coins unearthed in 1998 at Sarmizegetusa.

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