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June 25, 2022

Neagu Djuvara book launch and signing session

The deluxe edition of Neagu Djuvara’s study, “Ce au fost ‘boierii mari’ in Tara Romaneasca? Saga Gradistenilor (secolele XVI-XX)” (Who were Wallachia’s ‘great boyards’? The Gradisteanu Saga/ 16th to 20th century), will soon be available in the bookshops. One of last year’s best-sellers, Djuvara’s book is a study of an aristocratic family, a pretext, in fact, for a historical analysis of Romanian pre-modern political institutions. In this new edition, Neagu Djuvara revises his work, adding fresh observations and illustrations, a glossary of historic terms and, last, but not least, a synthetic genealogical table, based on the author’s own, patented, conception. The book will be introduced to the public, tomorrow, by Neagu Djuvara, Mihai Dimitrie Sturza and Gabriel Liiceanu. On this occasion, Djuvara will also speak about the 2011 edition of his autobiographic novel, “Insemnarile lui Georges Milesco” (Georges Milesco’s Notes), a book which presents important moments in his life, from his teenage and young years, reaching further back than “Amintiri din pribegie” (Memoirs from Exile). “I first wrote this book in French, in Paris, in 1958-1959. It was a dramatic time in our history and in my life in particular: our despair after the crushing of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, my disillusions after the year spent at the Free Europe Radio, in Munich, the huge gulf between my wife and me … This is a sad and deeply pessimistic book, midway in my life, in which I attribute to my protagonist, Georges Milesco, most of the avatars of my life at the time,” Neagu Djuvara argues, in reference to the book.
The two books were published by Humanitas, in the Neagu Djuvara author’s series.

Venue: Carturesti Bookshop, Café Verona, 12:30 am

Address: 13-15 Arthur Verona St

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