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August 3, 2021

Ponta: Antonescu is USL’s Presidential candidate

PSD President Victor Ponta stated on Wednesday in Sibiu that at this moment PNL President Crin Antonescu is the Social-Liberal Union’s Presidential candidate and he personally considers that he lacks sufficient experience to take his place. “In what concerns me, I consider it would be premature. I still have to learn a lot in order to file such a candidature. Crin Antonescu is undoubtedly USL’s candidate today,” Ponta said, being quoted by realitatea.net.

At the end of last week Liberal President Antonescu stated that he does not know yet whether he will run in the next Presidential elections but that USL’s candidate will win the elections no matter who he is. “I don’t know whether I will run in the Presidential elections. The moment that issue is raised USL will take a decision, will have a candidate, and he will win whether that will be me or someone else,” Antonescu said.

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