Libyan opposition says NATO strike hit rebel fighters, 13 killed

Tripoli – Notions of a cease-fire in Libya quickly faded Saturday as a battle raged for control of the oil town of al-Brega, where rebel fighters claimed they had lost fighters and vehicles to NATO airstrikes, CNN reports.

Airstrikes hit several rebel vehicles and killed at least 13 rebel fighters, spokesmen for the Libyan opposition said Saturday. Seven others were wounded. NATO was investigating the incident, a spokeswoman said Saturday.

“NATO takes any reports of civilian casualties very seriously, but exact details are hard to verify as we have no reliable sources on the ground,” NATO’s Oana Lungescu said. “Clearly, if someone fires at one of our aircraft, of course they have the right to defend themselves.”

Rebel spokesman Abdul Hafiz Ghoga said opposition fighters had retaken al-Brega after a night of heavy fighting with Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

Meanwhile, in Misrata, east of Tripoli, two mortars landed at a medical clinic Saturday evening, causing one death and numerous injuries, said a medical official with the city’s main hospital.

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