Reghecampf, Universitatea Craiova’s new head coach

Laurentiu Reghecampf confirmed on Monday that he is Universitatea Craiova’s new head coach, being set to replace Italy’s Nicolo Napoli. “Yes, I am Universitatea’s new head coach. I don’t want to comment on what Napoli did. I don’t know what problems there were but I know what we’re going to do from now on,” Reghecampf stated for He pointed out that his deal with Universitatea Craiova will expire at the end of the season and will automatically be extended for the next two years if he manages to keep the team in League I. “It’s a difficult period and each player is important. We have to work a lot on the psychical side, not many things can be changed because we have a game every three days,” Reghecampf added.

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