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January 25, 2022

Troops ‘target Yemen protesters’

US withdraws support to Saleh

Security forces in Yemen have shot dead at least 15 people during another anti-government protest south of the capital Sanaa on Monday ABC News informs. According to the BBC, at least 30 people are said to be in critical conditions. There were reports that snipers had also shot at protesters during a march in the country’s fourth-largest city, Hudaida, on the Red Sea. The violence follows weeks of protests in cities across the country calling for the president to stand down. The violence in Taiz broke out when protesters began marching toward Freedom Square – the focal point of protests and where demonstrators have been camped out. When the march passed the governor’s headquarters, troops blocked the procession and clashes broke out. On Saturday, the opposition coalition, Common Forum, called on the president to hand over power to his deputy, Vice-President Abdu Rabu Hadi. According to the New York Times, the United States, which long supported t Ali Abdullah Saleh has now quietly shifted positions and has concluded that he is unlikely to bring about the required reforms and must be eased out of office, according to American and Yemeni officials.

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