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June 27, 2022

12 seriously ill patients still kept in a closed hospital

A number of 12 seriously ill patients were allowed to stay in the hospital of Parscov, Buzau County, which was closed and cut from utilities on April 1st. The people were all moved to a single ward and several nurses take care of them on voluntary basis. They are fed by the local population. The other patients were transferred to other units, but no hospital accepted the 12 patients of the Palliative Care Section. Now, they lie directly on mattresses, as the sheets had to be removed and turned to authorities. As the former hospital no longer receives food, the patients are fed by locals, who took pity on them. “Yesterday, the priest and a few people came and brought them food. We cannot throw them in the street. We come here each day and try to take care of them because nobody wants them,” said a nurse.

In the Buzau County, the hospitals of Parscov, Patarlagele and Vintila Voda will be turned into foster homes for old people, and some 100 medics and nurses from these units applied for relocation to other hospitals. Doctor Doru Nicolescu, the manager of the Buzau County Hospital – where most of them want to be transferred – said that although he needs more people, he has no money to pay them, so only few applicants will be accepted.
For Almajului Valley, Caras-Severin County, residents, the only hospital in the area being closed down came as a heavy blow. The Bozovici hospital was put on the list of disbanded hospitals at the last minute. Residents now have to go to Resita, a city 80 kms away, where the nearest hospital is located. The 50-bed Bozovici hospital has five departments. When the hospital shut down, 60 patients were on premises, of whom two were taken to Resita. The rest were discharged. Locals say that, even if they go to Resita, they don’t have the resources to make the trip as many times as needed in order to get medical care there.

The Social-Liberal Union demanded that hospital closedown come to a halt immediately and recommended that authorities take government to court over the matter at hand. “Deputies with PNL and PSD hold as unacceptable, inhumane, unreasonable and anti-national for people to be humiliated, the sick in need of medical care to be sent home, the forceful transfer of patients to other hospitals, non-compliance with local autonomy and disbandment of local hospitals by blackmailing the presidents of county councils and mayors with non-funding, the laying off of over 5,000 doctors and 2,500 medical assistants, amid a serious medical staff crisis and obstructing citizen access to medical services, despite authorities being aware that the majority of the people lack the money needed to travel to other localities to be medically examined,” Eugen Nicolaescu, deputy leader of the PNL deputies, said.

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