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May 17, 2022

Hezzbollah offers bounty for Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones has received over 300 death threats, and a $2.4 million bounty for him has been offered by Hezbollah, according to the FBI, quoted by ecanadanow.com. Jones supervised the burning of a Koran last month in Florida, an act that sparked protests in the Muslim world.

In Afghanistan at least 30 people have died, including seven U.N. workers, in protests that turned violent. Jones said the violence is proof that Islam is a dangerous religion with a radical element.
The burning has been condemned by the U.S. commander in Afghanistan General David Petreaus, who said the action was disrespectful to the Koran. Petraeus said Jones is not a representative of the U.S. or any other country operating to assist the people of Afghanistan.

Jones acted as judge for a mock trial giving people a chance to approve or condemn the Koran. The book was actually burned by an assistant, Wayne Sapp.

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