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May 23, 2022

Pornography crackdown amendment bill passed by Senate commission

An additional distinct tax to be included in the Internet bill and adult websites being required a Communications Ministry authorization – two of the most important amendments passed by senators.

The Senate’s Culture Commission yesterday passed an amendment bill aimed at cracking down on under-aged teens’ access to pornography websites, with adult websites being required to obtain an authorization from the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI). They shall also issue passwords allowing website access. Further more, adult site users shall pay an additional distinct tax included in the Internet monthly bill. According to Democrat-Liberal Senator Radu F. Alexandru, the proponent of the draft amendment bill, parents will this way see whether their children have accessed adult websites. “I have noticed that the underage show great dexterity in breaking password codes and accessing the so-called protected sites, therefore, I proposed, and the Ministry is contemplating, an additional tax being automatically included the Internet bill, making parents aware when their offspring accessed adult content without parental agreement,” Mediafax quoted Radu F. Alexandru as saying. The tax amount and authorizing criteria will be set by the MCSI.

The draft amendment bill also stipulates that any domain-holder, private individual or legal entity, seeking to use it in order to establish a pornography site shall notify the Communications Ministry within ten days and fulfil the following conditions: post a warning over the website content, allow user access only after a beforehand verification of user age and keep a definite access count. The websites are subject to jamming by a MCSI authority if website holders fail complying with the law, having been notified as such.

The document will be sent back for vote by the Senate plenum, and will be then put before the Chamber of Deputies, the decision-making House of the Romanian Parliament.

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