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September 21, 2021

Udrea criticizes “misogynistic politicians” who are at war with her

The president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL)’s Bucharest organization rejected the Liberal Andrei Chiliman’s accusations, to the effect that she was, in fact, pulling the strings in Bucharest, and stated she would not be running for Bucharest Mayor’s Office in 2012.

Elena Udrea stated, yesterday, that the Social Liberal Union (USL)’s action of collecting signatures to organize a referendum on the Capital Bill reflected the fear and despair that the National Liberal Party (PNL) might lose control of the Sector 1 budget, “which is nearly equal to Bucharest’s budget”. “I saw three men declare a war against Elena Udrea. I saw the colours they adopted are army colours, so this is a real war. (…) This confirms my belief that I am doing a good job, since they are making such efforts and spending so many resources to fight Elena Udrea,” she argued, quoted by Mediafax. Furthermore, the PDL Bucharest leader claims she cannot understand why signatures need to be collected for the referendum, as long as everybody wants this referendum, PDL included.

Udrea continued her attack on PNL representatives on her blog. According to Udrea, it is the people of Bucharest who have to decide what the Capital Bill will sound like, and not “a handful of misogynistic politicians”, “a gang of men, led by Andrei Chiliman, which was formed to defend Bucharest from a woman”.

The Liberals were quick to respond. Thus, the president of PNL Bucharest, Andrei Chiliman, argues Udrea has the majority in the Bucharest City Council (CGMB), and, therefore, it is “hypocritical” on her part to claim she wants a referendum on the Capital Bill. “Here’s what, let’s see whether she is a hypocrite or not, in the next meeting, the Democratic (e.n. Liberal) Party majority in CGMB should propose having a referendum and allot the necessary funds and at that point we will see straight away if Ms. Udrea really wants a referendum or only pretends to want one,” Chiliman stated, quoted by Mediafax. Furthermore, the Liberal claims that, currently, Elena Udrea is a sort of general mayor of Bucharest: “We could see, in the past two Council meetings, especially in the last but one meeting, when the budget was voted, that it was the Democratic Party which decided what the budget should look like, and not the general mayor Oprescu”.

In a phone intervention, on Realitatea TV, Elena Udrea stated that PDL’s promotion of the Capital Bill had nothing to do with an attempt to take control of the budget, adding she was not the one pulling the strings in Bucharest, nor did she have any intentions to run for the Bucharest Mayor’s Office in 2012. “We (e.n. PDL) propose a joint coordinated budget for Bucharest, the one who coordinates this budget is the general mayor. Those who accuse us of an attempt to control the budget should start from the following facts: Elena Udrea does not coordinate Bucharest, nor is she going to run for mayor in 2012. Hence, it is unlikely that Elena Udrea’s intentions have anything to do with the Bucharest budget”.

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