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February 2, 2023

Valcea doctors mistook unborn baby for abdominal tumour

According to romanialibera.ro, a 41-year-old woman from Ramnicu Valcea was at first diagnosed with an abdominal tumor, then, with kidney stones, with doctors to eventually learn she was pregnant actually. Although the woman had an echography and was examined by doctors, they did not realize the woman was in labour actually. “Doctor Turcitu from the Department of Internal Medicine submitted me to an echocardiography and said I had an abdominal tumor. The staff at the emergency room though I had kidney stones, given I felt pain in the kidney area.

I stayed at the emergency room for three-four hours and they eventually told me to go to the bathroom and try to eliminate the stones,” the woman said, who gave birth in the toilet, where she was found lying in a pool of blood. The newly born was intubated and is now reported in stable condition. “The baby weighs 5.5 kilos and is healthy, some are genetically lucky, plain and simple,” neonatologist Maria Baraganescu of the Valcea maternity Hospital said.

Doctors at the Ramnicu Valcea County Council who consulted the woman said the echocardiography did not reveal the unborn baby, as his head-down position. The medical director said he notified the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police to look into the case.

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