Two memorable shows and a premiere this weekend at the Opera

On Friday (6:30pm), the performance of Verdi opera “Aida” will be dedicated to the memory of soprano Lucia Bercescu (1911-1995), a great name of Romanian lyrical art, who had an impressive international career, being considered one of the world’s finest opera singers of the latter half of the 20th century. 2011 marks the centenary of the artist’s birth.
The love story between young Egyptian general Ramades and Ethiopian princess Aida will be brought to life by an exceptional cast: Silvia Sorina Munteanu, special guest – Efe Kislali, special guest – Liliana Mattei Ciuca, Marius Bolos, Eugen Seco­beanu, Horia Sandu, Valentin Raco­vea­nu, Dorina Chesei; and ballet soloists – Mada­lina Slateanu, Magdalena Radulescu, Alin Gheor­ghiu. The choir is coordinated by the maestro Stelian Olariu, and the entire performance is conducted by Iurie Florea.

Sunday, 11am
Premiere: “Harap Alb”, Ballet for children
“Harap Alb” is a Romanian fairy-tale. Based on traditional folk themes, it was recorded and reworked in 1877 by Ion Creanga, becoming one of his main contributions to fantasy and Romanian literature. The narrative is centred on an eponymous prince travelling into a faraway land, whose throne he has inherited, showing him being made into a slave by the treacherous Bald Man and eventually redeeming himself through acts of bravery. The choreography of the show is signed by Maria Popa and the stage design by Andreea Koch. The cast is: Harap Alb – Alexandru Negru, The Emperor – Octavian Stefanescu, The Red Emperor’s Daughter – Luminita Dinca, Holy Sunday – Cristina Osiceanu, The Bald Man – Marian Horhota, Queen of Bees – Adina Manda.

Also on Sunday, starting 7pm, we are invited to spend another special evening at the Bucharest National Opera (ONB). This time, the famous opera signed by Giacomo Puccini, “La Bohème”, will transport opera-lovers to early 19th century-Paris, in the Latin Quarter, where bohemian life, romance and dreams went hand in hand with poverty. The presentation is graced with the participation of soprano Celia Costea (as Mimi), accompanied by ONB artists Marius Manea, Dorina Chesei, Ionut Pascu, Vasile Chisu, Horia Sandu, Paul Basacopol, Stefan Schuller, Adrian Ionescu and Constantin Negru. The choir is coordinated by maestro Stelian Olariu, the children’s choir was conducted Vasile Corjos, and the entire performance is conducted by maestro Vlad Conta.

Address: 70-72 Mihail Kogalnicea­nu Blvd.,
Tel. no.: 021/314.69.80

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