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January 23, 2022

Udrea: No plans to run for City Hall yet

The minister of Regional Development and Tourism and also president of PDL Bucharest, Elena Udrea spoke in an interview with the ‘Adevarul’ newspaper about her plans for the next five years. Udrea will focus on her professional life and will certainly be in politics five years from now, but she will be “more than the executive secretary of PDL.” For the time being, she has no intention to run for Bucharest mayor and said that, “if this will render more credible my initiative to support the Law of the Capital, then this will be my final decision.” Speaking about her personal life, Udrea said she has no plan to make a child yet, and the things that really matter for her now are the state of the Romanian economy and the problems of the party. “For now, I prefer to concentrate on my work,” Udrea explained, adding that she will be active in politics until the age of 70.

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