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January 27, 2022

Constructors support major investments, in search of re-launch solutions

The Employers’ Association of the Construction Companies (PSC) has recently presented its strategy to help revitalize the constructions sector in such difficult times. The strategy focuses on identifying and maximizing all options in order to promote the interests of constructors. In the recently organized meeting in Bucharest, Cristian Erbasu, the president of PSC, declared that this sector is still affected by problems, at a moment when the state’s debts to the firms in this industry amount to around 1 billion Euros, the number of public infrastructure projects has considerably dropped, while the private investments have still not reached a significant percentage out of the total projects, especially due to the difficult access to financing sources.

International promotion

As indicated by Tiberiu Andrioaiei, Vice-President of PSC, this year, due to PSC efforts, the Romanian constructors had for the first time a national stand in one of the most important international fairs in Central and Eastern Europe; with PSC support, the companies were able to participate in three such events since the beginning of this year. From the discussions with the participants, the need was highlighted to create a brand of the sector in order to develop an organized communication in the field of constructions.

The Prime-Vice-President Razvan-Niculescu Aron showed that, under the circumstances in which this industry accounts for less than 1% of exports, consistent promotion in the exterior is required, using, for instance, the relationship of PSC with UEPC – European Union of Constructions Promoters and expansion at European level by creating branches in countries such as France, Germany etc. Razvan Niculescu-Aron said that our country is very interesting for foreign businessmen, as it has an old and insufficient fund, with a high housing deficit, a country without infrastructure and a big consumption appetite, so a country with potential for the investors in the field.

Dupporting strategic investments

According to PSC, promoting and supporting large-size private investments, which provide jobs for the constructors and have a beneficial impact on the national economy, are required. An example in this regard is the gold mining project at Rosia Montana, developed by Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, which is, according to the organization, a major economic drive for the constructors in the country, taking into account the size of the necessary works. The project implied so far work commissions in excess of USD 32 million and involved 134 constructions companies, 12 offices of architecture and 2,300 workers.

„The main message of PSC with the occasion of these local conferences is that we created a coherent and consistent channel of communication for the Romanian constructors, so as to capitalize the existing business opportunities. We have sufficient levers in this regard, while the most important of all is to support the foreign investors implementing projects that have direct effects on the construction sector. Thus, the mining project at Rosia Montana is a complex one, with a significant impact on the social, financial and professional environment. It is a proven fact that, if a leading company decides to open an investment in a market, this attracts many other investments, which is why we are not allowed to miss such projects important for the economic and social environment, but, on the contrary, we must support them”, declared Tiberiu Andrioaiei.

Certification of constructions firms, a priority

The certification of constructions firms is mandatory; our country is among the last ones in Europe from this point of view. The management of the organization proposes a legislative draft by which the firms are classified according to certain types of works, equipment and proven experience, which would improve the relationship with the potential customers and simplify the documentation necessary to participate in public tenders.

A new approach for thermal rehabilitation

According to PSC, if the current work pace in the thermal rehabilitation program is maintained, the works could be extended for 120 years, not 20, as intended. At the end of last year, PSC proposed a legislative draft to amend the legislation in the thermal rehabilitation area so as to simplify the purchasing procedure in order to financially support social cases, while the homeowners’ associations to be able to have a bigger control on the rehabilitation process. Furthermore, the constructors should find solutions to associate with the banks and the producers in order to provide integrated packages to the homeowners’ associations. Unlocking the thermal rehabilitation program would lead to the creation of 30,000 new jobs in this sector.

The Bucharest conference concluded the second stage of the PSC program of local conferences developed in March-April in Galaţi, Bacău, Suceava, Iaşi, Cluj, Sibiu, Braşov, Ploieşti, Constanţa, Timişoara and Bucharest.

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