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September 29, 2022

Unfair accusation of espionage costs Renault over EUR 9 M

After being falsely accused of espionage, three Renault executives have counteracted the offence and filed a lawsuit against the company, an action that is reportedly getting them EUR 9.1 M in compensation for the damage to their reputations, Hotnews informs. The French magazine Marianne has released a report claiming that including payments for the three executives’ unfair dismissal will make Renault shed EUR 11.2 M for creating the fiasco. Relative to this report, the company’s representatives have declined to comment on the extent of the costs. After the trial has ended and the Paris prosecutor that took the spy case proved that it was unfounded, Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn and other top bosses have pledged to give up their bonuses in order to cover the “messy” expenses. The three men were given the sack by the French car making company in January on suspicion of being involved in industrial espionage practices. They pleaded not guilty to this allegation, denying any wrongdoing, and initiated a legal action against their former employer to dismiss the now proven calumnious accusations.

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