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May 18, 2021

Romania wins 24 gold medals at Geneva Exhibition of Inventions

The Romanian delegation won 24 gold, 18 silver and 7 bronze me­dals, plus 20 special awards at the 39th edition of the Interna­tional Exhi­bition of Inventions of Geneva, the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) an­nounces, quoted by HotNews. Ro­mania attended the Geneva exhibition on April 6-10, with 49 inventions, of which 40 were financed and displayed under the aegis of ANCS, while the other 9 were financed by inventors themsel­ves, or by various R&D units. One of the special awards, with applicability in medicine, was granted to Teodora Tihan, Ingrid Ionescu, Aurelia Meghea and Ioana Deme­trescu for their “Method of obtaining polymeric films for medicine.”

Medal for engine which saves fuel in heat

The car engineer Corneliu Birtok-Baneasa won the bronze medal in the 2011 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, for inventing a device which boosts the power of a car engine, while reducing fuel consumption, on hot days, Realitatea.net reports. The Romanian’s invention is called “integrated deflector for thermal radiation issued by internal combustion engines”. The device forces the air current which goes through a car radiator to adopt a descending trajectory, thus preventing its access to the engine compartment. Thus, the car’s intake manifold and air filter are protected from overheating, particularly on hot summer days. “The de­flector comes in handy in summer, as it maintains a high air density, preventing overheating and power losses. The use of the deflector boosts the engine’s power and reduces fuel consumption,” Birtok-Baneasa stated.

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