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May 25, 2022

Investigation finalized in Ridzi case

Anti-corruption prosecutors have finalized their investigation into the Monica Iacob-Ridzi case. The former Youth Minister was accused of corruption after organizing the Youth Day event on May 2, 2009. The report will be filed to the High Court.

In an entry posted on her blog yesterday Monica Iacob-Ridzi talks about “the final day of prosecution,” suggesting there are “profound procedural errors” in the investigation, “huge errors in the expertise report,” “absurd” conclusions concerning the damages incurred and deliberately ignored testimonies. In her blog entry she claims that she was “the official that got the most intensely negative press while being under investigation,” a bad press behind which other investigated or indicted officials hid. Monica Iacob-Ridzi writes that “a stage has ended, another one will begin,” at the same time underlining that she did nothing unlawful and that she is waiting for the court’s ruling “bearing this burden with hope.”

National Anti-Corruption Office (DNA) prosecutors are investigating the former Youth Minister for misuse of authority to the detriment of public interest, forgery, use of forgery in acts of corruption and being an accessory to forgery. In Decem­ber 2010 the Lower Chamber did not offer the DNA its permission to conduct an IT investigation in the Ridzi case and to expand the investigation. The former Youth Minister was accu­sed of incurring RON 100,000 in damages after the Ministry she led bought laptops and a refrigerator. On July 28, 2009, Parliament had approved the anti-corruption prosecutors’ request to start prosecuting the former Youth Minister. In the report they filed to Parliament the anti-corruption prosecutors explained that the former Minister was fully aware of the illegalities that her adviser Ioana Varsta had made when signing three contracts in order for a company to organize the Youth Day event on May 2.

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