Pivniceru: Personal egos and interests lead to postponing reform of justice

Mona Pivniceru, judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, argues that the adoption of the judiciary accountability bill and, respectively, of the unified judiciary practice bill are procrastinated because of the personal egos and interests of lawyers-turned-MPs. According to Pivniceru, both bills were drafted by the judges, after a prolonged consultation with their colleagues in the profession. However, the judiciary accountability bill is still in the drawer of the Justice Minister, Catalin Predoiu, who hasn’t forwarded it to Parliament yet.

As regards the unified judiciary practice bill, which would finally bring greater predictability to sentences in Romanian courts, this was adopted as a bill by a group of 17 MPs. However, the piece of legislation is still debated by the Legal Committees. Judge Pivniceru voiced her doubt regarding the bill’s chances of being adopted, as, she argues, the lawyers’ profession has a strong representation in Parliament. Or, predictable sentences will greatly reduce the number of cases that lawyers can bring in court, often misleading their clients as regards their chances of success, Pivniceru argues.

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