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October 5, 2022

A president for the party’s tranquillity

If the PDL internal election has beenheld before or in the absence of TraianBasescu’s support message, Emil Boc’s fatewould have been sealed. The room aroundhim had already emptied and a majorityof bets were on Blaga. (…) The only thingis that the ‘Big Brother’ from Cotrocenidid not appreciate defiance so, after hiswarning to the ones who could not keeptheir ‘hunger for power’ under control, hereinforced his position with his blessing -live on TV in prime time – for the mostobedient of his subordinates. Thatsequence of events obviously transformedthe operation of candidacy submission onMonday into a mere formality, visible atleast in the alacrity sown by the party topleaders equipped with the largest amountsof servitude. The y made a ‘living wall’around the one who they could not standthe day before, making sure their enthusiasmcould be seen and received up to thehighest level. Under such conditions, withhis few partisans left, Blaga took a sad,Don Quixote pose, eager to fight with theparty windmill vigorously blown into bythe big chief. (…) Traian Basescu couldnot risk leaving things to chance, because,in that situation, Blaga, someone withmore dignity and will than his currentparty boss, would have removed PDLfrom the presidential control, trying toplay his own score. That is the thing themost detested by the Cotroceni tenant,whose nightmares still feature his unpleasantexperience with Tariceanu. Without azealous servant, Basescu would wake upcompletely disarmed in front of anincreasingly aggressive opposition whosestapes are more and more justified.(Octavian Andronic)

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