Director of Romanian origin claims he found nails used in Christ’s crucifixion

The Canadian director Simcha Jacobovici,whose parents are Romanian-born Jews,claims he found the nails used during JesusChrist’s crucifixion, after having claimed,sometime in the past, he had found theSaviour’s tomb, the “Telegraph” reports. Hisdiscovery will be presented in a film titled“Nails from the Cross”, made, the directorargues, after a three year research. “The nailsare bent, have round heads and are largeenough to tear through a man’s hands,”Jacobovici stated, explaining that, taken separately,these clues do not mean much but,jointly, they amount to irrefutable evidence.

Sceptics claim the alleged discovery is merelya publicity stunt to promote the film. “Nailsare not an unusual find. In the past, they wereused for the wooden sarcophagi where the bodiesof the dead were placed and left to decompose,”Dan Bahat, an archaeologist from Jerusalem,specialized in early Christianity, argues.

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