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April 15, 2021

High Prosecutor’s Office notified over Cioran archive alienation

The High Prosecutor’s Officehas been notified by producerSorin Iliesu about the EmilCioran (photo) archive beingalienated from Romania’s culturalheritage, Mediafax reported,quoting yesterday’s PublicMinistry Press Bureau releaseIliesu, who, along with GabrielLiiceanu, co-authored the longfeature documentary “TheApocalypse According toCioran”, asked for a Romanian-French penal investigation beingopened into the case, saying thatEmil Cioran’s brother, Aurel, didnot leave in his will the philosopher’spersonal archive to his secondwife, Eleonora to, as heintended to respect the writer’swish that the documents weredonated to the Astra Library inSibiu, which he nonetheless wasunable to do, as he died in 1977.

The film director accuses thewife of Emil Cioran’s brother,Aurel, of alienating the writer’sarchive instead of donating it tothe Sibiu library. “Actually, morallyand legally speaking, AurelCioran could not havebequeathed something that wasnot his, actually. I don’t think thatEleonora Cioran can prove she isthe owner of the personal archiveof Emil Cioran,” Iliesu says.

Three years ago, EleonoraCioran made a proposal to sellthe archive to the CultureMinistry, which the minister atthe time refused, as he thoughtthe amount demanded as toohigh. In her turn, Emil Cioran’ssister-in-law, while on a B1TVprogram Tuesday evening, saidthe archive was pilfered by theFrench Laurence Tacou, who ishalf-Romanian, and byRomanian Gina Puica.

Iliesiu says that, before theauction, he alerted the RomanianMinistry of Foreign Affairs toprevent the selling of the documents,yet, French AuctionHouse Binoche Et Giquelloassured ministry officials that theauction was legit. The film directortherefore demands that theauction April 7 be declared illegal,and French citizen LaurenceTacou put under criminal investigation.

The batch of manuscripts andpersonal documents thatbelonged to Emil Cioran wasauctioned off to Romanian businessmanGeorge Brailoiu, whodonated them to the RomanianAcademy Library on Tuesday.

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