Undress the naked!

To all those people who step on eachother’s head for a bottle of oil, all thosedesperate human beings who knock at aclosed hospital door these days, theteachers whose salaries have been cappedby the same characters who were solemnlypromising them 50 per cent pay rise,the Romanians who have been told thatinflation rate has topped 8 per cent, eatingaway their already slaughteredincome the authorities tell the measurestaken are good because, assumingly, theyare right-wing measures. Emil Boc andthe members of his party add that theyare the ones who have sacrificed themselvesin full awareness of what’s right forthe country. How exactly they have sacrificedthemselves no one explains. Butare the Government’s measures rightwingmeasures as they claim? Is the‘right’ itself better, more true and moreblessed than the ‘left’? If the ‘right’means putting the cost of crisis exclusivelyon the shoulders of the population,then the Government is, indeed, a rightwingone. If the right means that thepublic companies controlled by partyclienteles are allowed not to pay billionsof euros to the state budget, while retiredpeople are being forced to pay extra 5 percent health insurance, then Boc is,indeed, a champion of the right. (…)The right could also mean competition,creativity, fostering competitiveness, education,skills, respect for individual entrepreneurship,dignity of the vulnerable, alevel playing field in business, individualfreedoms, less red tape and quality governance.Undressing the naked to passthrough crisis has nothing to do witheither the right or the left, or with goodgovernance for that matter. (…) We arebeing told that these are right-wing policies!Do not sacrifice for us anymore, webeg you! You have done enough forRomania already! (Ion M. Ionita)

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