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September 24, 2021

15 pc of accidents last year involved motorcycles and mopeds

Almost 15 per cent of road accidents reported in 2010 involved motorcycles and mopeds, with over half of them being caused by the motorcycles’ and mopeds’ drivers, Ma­rian Motoc, Deputy of the Police’s Traffic Office, stated for Mediafax. Motoc made the statement on Thurs­day during a conference organized as part of the “Share the Road” programme. Supported by Suzuki Romania, the programme is meant to enhance road safety for motorcyle and moped drivers and for bicyclists, as well as to promote responsible behavior in traffic. Motoc stated that the number of serious accidents involving motorcycles and mopeds dropped in 2010.

Over half of them however were caused by motorcyle and moped drivers. The accidents left over 200 people killed and almost 1,300 injured. The most frequent causes were speeding, reckless driving and failing to maintain a safe distance between vehicles. According to Motoc, April-October is the period that sees the highest number of motorcycle and moped drivers on the road, given the favorable weather conditions. The “Share the Road” campaign started on January 14, 2011 and will end on November 1. Actions and meetings with motorcyclists will take place in Bucharest and all Romanian Counties. (A.C.)

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