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October 22, 2021

Greenpeace protest against new nuclear reactors

Several activists of Greenpeace Romania staged an unauthorized protest, on Thursday, in front of the Government, opposing the state’s intention of building new nuclear reactors, a protest ended by the intervention of the gendarmes, who picked them up, over half an hour after the beginning of the protest, Mediafax reports.

The unauthorized protest began shortly after 10:30am, when ten people alighted from a mini-bus which passed by the Government headquarters, bearing banners with messages opposing the project of building a new nuclear plant in Romania.

These stopped on the sidewalk in front of Victoria Palace and remained there, sporting the banners, without chanting any slogans and without making statements to the press. The protesters were eventually asked for their documents and taken to the police station.

Greenpeace is accusing the state of having secretly commissioned a study which cost over RON 900,000, trying to find a site to build a new nuclear plant in Romania. The study identified 102 potential sites where such a project could be set up, and Greenpeace only managed to get hold of the list after filing a suit against the Ministry of Economy. “We don’t need a new nuclear plant in Romania. No nuclear reactors are safe. Nuclear technology was an innovative one in the 1950s, but now it is outdated. We believe there are now plenty of sources of clean energy to opt for, over nuclear energy,” Ionut Cepraga, Greenpeace Romania’s campaign coordinator, stated.

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