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October 6, 2022

Medical premiere: Kidney transplant between spouses, at Fundeni

Ionel Sinescu, the director of the Fundeni Kidney Transplant Clinic, says the procedure can be considered a fit preamble to the National Transplant Day, celebrated by Romanian physicians on April 15.

The specialists of the Fundeni Urologic Surgery, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Centre performed, yesterday, the first kidney transplant between spouses, after the two were proved to be medically compatible. According to the director of the clinic, Prof. Ionel Sinescu, the donor was the wife, aged 35, and the recipient was the husband, aged 31. The two have been married for seven years, and the husband’s medical problems started three years ago. In January, the evolution of the disease called for the initiation of dialysis. “We are speaking of a spectacular and highly interesting case. Between the two spouses there is that medical compatibility which allowed us to perform such an operation. This intervention occurs a couple of weeks after another premiere in Romanian medicine, that is, the kidney transplant between the Sanducu twins, and can be considered a fit preamble to the National Transplant Day, celebrated this year by Romanian physicians on April 15,” Sinescu stated, quoted by Mediafax. The director further explained: “Given that waiting lists for a transplant are getting longer by the day and given that there are very few kidneys available for a transplant, we tested the wife, who, in this case, proved to be a compatible donor. The right kidney was transplanted and the intervention went smoothly. Indeed, we did not expect any complications.”

According to the same source, there are over 1,000 patients in need of a kidney transplant at the Fundeni Kidney Transplant Centre. “Unfortunately, it is very difficult for them to get the needed transplant. We only manage to perform somewhere above 100 kidney transplants a year. In most cases, 75 to 80 pc, the organs come from living donors who have the same genetic material,” Sinescu stated. In the same context, he called on the Transplant Agency to act “more promptly on the brain death diagnosis”. “We hope we will have more brain-dead donors this year, so we can perform more transplants, as Romania would have to perform up to 2,500 transplants a year to reach the European average,” the doctor concluded, quoted by Realitatea TV.

Since June 1997, the Fundeni Kidney Transplant Centre performed a record number of transplants, over 1,200, out of which 80 pc used kidneys from living donors and 20 pc from brain-dead donors, results above the achievements of many prestigious centres in Europe.

On February 21, a medical team from the Fundeni Kidney Transplant Centre performed, for the first time in Romania, a kidney transplant between twins, aged 42. The kidney transplant was performed by a team led by Professor Ionel Sinescu.

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