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August 13, 2022

Cuba recalls Bay of Pigs, holds Communist Congress

HAVANA – Tanks rumbled through Havana’s Revolution Plaza and jets tore through the sky on Saturday as Cuba commemorated its victory over a  U.S.- backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs 50 years ago and prepared to hold  its first Communist Party Congress in nearly 14 years, CNN said. President  Raul Castro looked on as thousands of people, both military and civilian,  marched through the square, shouting slogans and waving flags. Five  decades ago, the small Caribbean island defeated the invasion led by Cuban  exiles intent on toppling Fidel Castro. It was a complete disaster for John F.  ennedy’s fledgling administration. The invading troops failed to take Castro’s forces by surprise. The United States never followed through with  air cover and Cubans never rose up to join them. Che Guevara would later  thank U.S. diplomats for the invasion, saying it turned an aggrieved little  country into an equal. Saturday afternoon, Cuba turned the focus on its  future in a fourday congress dedicated to economic changes. Castro needs  to shore up support for once unthinkable economic reforms that will pave  the way for more private businesses and bring massive layoffs to the state sector. At the congress, Castro proposed setting term limits for public office  n the country where two brothers have ruled for more than 50 years.  We have arrived at the conclusion that it is advisable to limit the  fundamental political and state offices to a maximum period of two  consecutive periods of five years,” Castro said.

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