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January 27, 2022

Monica Columbeanu took her daughter from Izvorani

Monica Columbeanu left, on Friday afternoon, her husband’s home in  Izvorani, together with her daughter, Irina. She came accompanied by an  officer of the court, lawyers and police, following the court’s decision to  entrust her temporary custody of the underage child until the divorce is finalised. Monica Columbeanu waited for several hours at the gate of the  Izvorani villa to takeher daughter. In the end, the police officers decided to  force the gate open, as Irinel Columbeanu refused to allow the mother in, to  pick up Irina. Initially, Irina was to be taken out of the yard in an  ambulance, as her father claimed she had rubella.

However, after the doctors examined her, they found the girl wasn’t suffering from this disease  and she was allowed to leave the property holding hands with her mother, with smiles on their faces. Monica Columbeanu’s lawyer claimed that Irinel Columbeanu had opposed the enforcement of the ruling until the very last  moment, by his refusal to allow his wife into the house and by his attempt to  ide his daughter, but, in the end, the child was happily reunited with the  mother. The Buftea Court allowed, last Thursday, the petition for the enforcement of the temporary custody decision, after Monica Columbeanu  repeatedly tried to retrieve her daughter from her husband’s home, to no avail. The businessman Irinel Columbeanu stated, on Thursday, in a release,  hat he would agree to the decision entrusting his daughter, Irina, to the mother as soon as the decision “becomes official, and its enforcement  llowed” and that “the refusal to join the mother” came from  the child.

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