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May 18, 2021

Nutzy International misses Belgium show

Brought up at the Basescu school the target of which is to annihilate the intrusive democracy, Nutzy Udrea is taking the derision of the parliamentary institution to the next level. She already had a rich record of contemptuous conduct towards the Romanian parliament. Her immense  effrontery towards the parliamentary investigation commission, a few speeches yelled in plenary sitting, statements meant to undermine the  credibility of the Chamber of Deputies – they all draw the ‘Nutzy vs.  Parliament’ picture. One that we can easily compare to a nude signed by  Romanian painter Tonitza, where the model usually poses with the naked  back side facing the viewer. Seeing that the ‘model’ is successful in Romania – the party applauses her, her mentor prickles her with an approving  attitude – Nutzy has decided it was time she exported it. The invitation for  hearings before a committee of the European Parliament has been turned  down. Pardon me, Nutzy said, who are you to call a minister – and what a  minister! – to report on the money she has spent? (…) She sent Murgeanu,  her humble ministry servant, to the European Parliament. (…) he made an  incomprehensible presentation, like a chanting of the multiplication table,  and the MEPs were all taken aback. (…)

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